The New Kid on the Block


To make CT scans as safe and accurate as possible for patients, Piggott Community Hospital has acquired a 3D scanner with Toshiba’s newest dose reduction technology. “Toshiba’s AIDR 3D reduces radiation dose, this means safer exams for our patients while improving the quality of images physicians need for diagnosis,” said James Magee, executive director at PCH. “This helps our hospital provide the best possible patient care.”

“For our radiology staff, this is a great improvement,” added Suzie Countzler, director of radiology. “It is rewarding to be able to offer advanced imaging in our unit. Plus, we have the assurance of knowing that we can offer the doctors much better service. They are our customers, too.”

“This is also an amazing improvement for our ARSaves Stroke Prevention Program and our visiting cardiologist and cardiovascular surgeon,” said Magee. “The advancement in capability will allow them to order tests at our hospital and get superior results while saving our patients a trip to another city for testing.”

Our rural health clinics in Rector and Campbell are upgrading from analog to digital capabilities by introducing CR — computer radiography. The ability to read xray results with computer imaging will be of major benefit to patients. “This will decrease turnaround time to the physician reading the image while at the same time increase image quality,” said Suzie Countzler, Dir. of Radiology. “Its a win-win for everyone!” In addition to these benefits, PCH will be able to reduce operating cost. There will be no increase in the cost of the procedure to patients, only benefit.

Pictured:    Donna Baker, x-ray and lab tech, Campbell Medical Clinic

Our lab is being outfitted with new equipment! They now have two new chemistry analyzers — Siemens Dimension 200 ExL. “These instruments are equipped with LOCI technology, allowing for more accurate testing, expanded test menu, less instrument downtime and 25% faster time to results,” Lori tells us.

According to Siemens, the equipment provides performance and technology expected from a next-generation integrated system. Built-in technologies including LOCI® provide fast and reliable results. The system allows simultaneous processing to maximize workflow efficiency.

Congratulations to Lori Austin and the crew.

Pictured: Gene Blackwell, Dewayne Rhody, Lori Austin, Carla Johnson,  & Ashley Fletcher



Our new CT Scanner improves testing while reducing radiation dose to the patient!